One of the ways to thicken your lawn, cover bare patches and choke out weeds using a non-pesticide method is with our overseeding application. We use a high quality grass seed that matches your current lawn and essentially grows the grass in a tighter weave that simply over powers any weeds trying to get a foot hold in your lawn.

In addition, the overseeding will make your lawn thick and green, resist drought better and cover any bare or thin patches in your yard. This approach is also 100% organic. If you are concerned with run off of lawn chemicals that is contributing to the algae issue in Lake Erie or have pets and kids playing on your lawn you will be happy to know this solution is nothing but 100% grass seed. No harmful chemicals or residues.

To learn more about how overseeding can thicken your lawn and give you 100% organic solution to a weed free lawn call today. We often run specials in the early season for new overseeding customers. Call to see what our special is today.