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Welcome to Lawn Creations!




Lawn Creations is a family owned full service lawn treatment and landscaping company. We specialize in providing 100% organic lawn treatments to help you maintain a thick, healthy and green lawn without all the harsh pesticides common with other companies. We solve many of the common problems such as thin patches, pests, weeds and other issues with a totally pet and kid friendly organic program..


In addition, we provide a full comprehensive landscaping and hardscaping service to make your outdoor living space a vibrant, unique and marque addition to your home. We can plant colorful flowers, shrubs, patios, waterfalls, ponds and many other landscaping designs.

Give us a call today to learn how we can help you have a beautiful outdoor living space. 419-843-3867

Free Lawn Analysis

To help you determine the best approach for your lawn and unique needs we offer a FREE no obligation lawn analysis. 

Our analysis will identify the weeds and pests that your lawn might be suffering from. Once we complete our free analysis we will be able to prescribe a solution tailored to your specfic needs.

Tips & Resources

Having an experienced and knowledgeable lawn care and landscaping company available at your fingertips is what you get with our tips and resources section. 

We update our tips and information from time to time as we discover better techniques so check out this section to see if we have a solution to your issue.

Landscaping Services

Our landscape service will help you create beauty for your home and add value to your property.  We are HBA Parade of Homes award winning landscape professionals.

We provide both unique landscaping and hardscaping solutions. Check out how we can help you today.