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Lawn Repair

We offer cost effective ways to bring your lawn back, eliminate weeds, and thicken grass without spending what our competitors charge.

Landscape Repair

If you have overgrown or damaged landscaping we can help. We offer a rejuvenation program for your landscaping.

God Spoke:  “Earth green up! grow all variety of plants and then it was and God saw that it was good”

-GENESIS 1;11-12

As Seen in Entrepreneur 2023 Magazine

Our Services    

Less Chemicals = Safer Lawns!

Weed Control

100% organic tough and effective weed control solutions. Safe for kids and pets.


Gives you a thick green lawn, chokes out weeds, and makes your yard pop with less chemicals and a safer lawn.

Organic Solutions

Organic solutions are safe for kids and pets and are just as tough and effective as harsh chemcials.

Pest Control

Pests can ruin a lawn or landscaping. We have a way to treat your yard that will eliminate your pest problem.


We can design and create a unique one of a kind landscape solution that will bring value & aesthetics to  your home.


We can create patios, waterfalls, retaining walls and other hardscape structures that will add value & beauty.

Why Choose Us

Lawn Creations has been in business for over 40 years! We have decades of experience in lawn and landscape repair, lawn maintenance programs, and landscaping. We use 100% organic solutions that are safe for kids and pets. Our knowledgeable staff has seen just about every problem that can affect a lawn or landscaping and know how to solve it in a way that is cost effective.

“Lawn Creations has cut our water bills in half on several of our properties with longer rooted pre-germinated organic seeding system our sprinklers are hardly being used now!

Vijay Patel
Fort Wayne, IN

“Thank you for a greener & healthier lawn

Mary Nells
Ann Arbor, MI

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Lawn Repair

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100% Organic

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