Business cards are generally the first time a potential customer sees a business logo and brand. Business cards play an essential role in the rapport you hope to build with your clients.

Designing and creating your own landscape business card can be intimidating, but thankfully there are numerous resources to help you develop your own design and logo.

Where To Begin

Before considering graphics, fonts, style, and colors, you must consider the content and readability of the cards themselves.

Imagine your business card is a miniature billboard to help you come up with the right words. You may have a website outlining your services. Consider how to condense that information onto a piece of cardboard three and a half by two inches.

A business card needs the name or title of your lawn care business, such as “Anne’s Lawn Care Services” or “Lawn Mower Service.”

The name and title of your business must be the first thing people see on your card. Therefore, it requires a large font. What does your lawn maintenance business provide, trimming, weeding, mulching, and edging? Add that to your card.

Finally, include a contact number, website, email, and preferably a contact name. Social media accounts are optional.

Landscape Business Card Ideas

Landscape care business cards range in style, size, and price depending on an individual’s budget and preferences.

The options can be overwhelming.

Narrow down your selection and look for companies that sell the cards to meet your preferences. There are many card generators online where you can explore designs before committing to a mass amount of business cards.

If you are uncertain how a lawn care business card should look, view them online or look at sample kits from printers. You can also collect cards from other businesses for ideas and motivation for your own business.

Landscape Business Card Templates

Vistaprint, Zazzle, and Moo are the most popular websites for business card templates. The templates are easy for a beginner to use as you don’t require any design knowledge to use one. Select the style of card you prefer and customize it to your liking.

Business cards must show that you are a professional landscaper, so consider font style, color, and the placement of your card slogans.

  • Bonus tip: If you buy a lawn care franchise, often the logo and name are taken care of and you get the benefit of a professional design without the cost and attention of developing it yourself.

Varnish Finish of Landscape Business Card

Plain and traditional business cards are a thing of the past; therefore, it’s best to add a unique finish to your card. Varnish finishes are generally glossy or matte. Glossy has a sheen whereas matte does not. The varnish of the card will change how it feels in your customer’s hands.

You may even add spot UV, and ultraviolet varnish that enhances specific card areas to make colors shine and stand out more.

To stand out some businesses have made their business cards multipurpose. Think about a compostable card that has flower seeds on the paper. This adds a worthwhile element for the customer, making your business stand out.

Quantity And Pricing

Most companies require orders in large batches between 50 to 100. Prices range according to the number of cards selected (for example, $ x for 50 cards) and your customizations. Don’t commit to a large order, until you are pleased with your design selections.