Lawn caring is a lucrative business with decent profits. Companies make 99 billion dollars every year providing lawn care and landscaping services. If you want to get started in this business, you need to know about the equipment needed for lawn care. We have compiled a comprehensive list to guide you through the essential equipment.


It is better to start with a used truck with a reliable engine. You need to place the lawn care equipment in it. Constantly taking equipment in and out will damage the truck paint. Investing in a new truck is unsuitable. It is ideal to spend less than ten thousand on the vehicle if you are starting the first time. Also, a small trailer will be necessary for hauling large or multiple mowers.

Plant Trimmers

You may need different trimmers for specific grass-cutting needs. Most business owners rely on hedge trimmers and string trimmers. These trimmers will help you give a finishing touch to the lawn. Professional plant trimmers will allow you to make extraordinary plant designs with trimmers only.

Lawn Mowers

People starting the business first time should consider getting walk-behind lawnmowers because riding lawnmowers are expensive. It is better to spend fewer than five thousand dollars to get a lawnmower at the start. As your business grows you can purchase larger or multiple mowers. Lawnmowers are the second-highest cost of a lawn care business.

Leaf Blowers

This equipment uses pressurized air to clear the yard or sidewalks quickly. You can start with the hand-held blower and buy the backpack blower when the business is established. It is suitable to spend a few hundred dollars on this equipment.


You should also spend a few hundred dollars on this equipment. It will help you make clearer grass and plant edges. Most clients will want this for the clean look it creates.

Spraying Machines

The sprayers range from small bottles to large tow-sprayers. You can use them to spray pesticides or fertilizers. Using the sprayer to put fertilizer in a large area instead of the spreader is better.

Spreading Tools

If you have less quantity of fertilizer and the client is concerned about the loss due to the sprayer, you can use the spreading tools to put the fertilizer. It is suitable for small lawns.

Safety Accessories

You may only need gloves for a small garden trimming job. When you need to spray the fertilizer, it is crucial to get eye protection and a protective bodysuit. You can avoid injuries and adverse effects by using safety accessories.


These are essential to carry things around the lawns. You will get a bucket in less than ten dollars. You should choose the cheaper ones as buckets often break during your work on the lawns.

Small Tools

You can start the business with shovels, pruners, and rakes. You can buy advanced tools when you get a specific landscaping job. These tools do not require a large budget.

More Than Equipment

There are hundreds of lawn care and landscaping equipment options. You should only buy the essential ones at the start to reduce the initial cost. As your company grows, you can upgrade equipment with any profit you make. It is the best way to sustainably grow your business while preventing loss.

But what else do you need?