Creating or purchasing a profitable business (or franchise) is hugely rewarding both personally and financially. Finding the right business for you might seem overwhelming, especially in today’s economic climate. For those with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and a love of working outdoors—lawn and landscaping offer great potential.

Lawn care is a great industry if you don’t mind a bit of hard work, enjoy working outside, and are looking for a low financial barrier to entry.

This short article will cover why lawn mowing businesses are such a financially savvy opportunity and how much income you could potentially make.

Why Lawn Mowing?

When searching for a potential business opportunity, it’s important to assess the market you intend to penetrate. Aiming for a niche corner of the market is all well and good, but it seriously limits your opportunities.

Lawn mowing is a great example of an ever-present market, and you’re providing a service that people will be eager to purchase.

Another thing you must consider is that when starting a business, your startup costs can be difficult to overcome.

Your lawn mowing business could be as simple as one man and one mower or as complex as a fleet of professionals working under your brand. Whatever suits you and your financial situation is possible with such an in-demand and variable business model.

A popular option is buying a lawn and landscape franchise. This opportunity allows you to own your own business without starting from scratch. Attach to a reputable brand while gaining access to help, in terms of process and needed equipment.

Lawn Mowing Business Income

One of the biggest reasons lawn mowing businesses are so popular is the potential for huge revenues with very little overhead. If the business is just yourself with a lawnmower and any extra gear you might need or products you might want to sell (like weed killer), the overhead could be almost negligible.

If you already have a lawnmower, you could start right away at no cost. It’s not unheard of for sole trader lawnmower companies to make $1200-$2000 a month, depending on how often they want to work.

If you have hopes for a larger operation, with a crew of employees working underneath you, this income could rise exponentially.

So long as there is a market for lawn mowing, which there almost always is, there is an opportunity to grow your income. It’s important to consider you will make less money per lawn mowed when contracting out your services.

Employees increase overheads substantially. But, if you can find a way to pay them fairly and still be profitable, you’re on your way to becoming a real success.

Besides, there are ways to supplement your income as either a sole trader or owner of a multi-person enterprise. Selling weed killers, fertilizers, landscaping services, leaf-blowing, etc. can all add to your potential revenue streams while not drastically increasing costs.

Employees simply offering weed killers and fertilizers for sale could increase your profitability tremendously without you needing to increase their wages in the slightest.


Hopefully, this has given you a good idea about the kind of lawn mowing business income that is possible with a little hard work and entrepreneurship.

The potential to earn way more than $1200-$2000 a month is certainly there. Very few people want to mow their own lawn, and even fewer want to do it for other people. Why not capitalize on a huge market with great margins?