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Lawn Creations is growing across the U.S. with franchisees in many states around the country. When you need lawn or landscape repair, maintenance, or new service we hope you will consider using Lawn Creations no matter where you are located.

We were one of the first in the industry to recognize the growing importance of using organic solutions that is safe for kids and pets. All of our franchisees support this concept. If you need lawn or landscape needs for your home or business please select the location that is nearest to you.

If you are considering a new business opportunity we would love to tell you about the benefits of starting a Lawn Creations franchise in your area.

Corporate Locations

14789 Reek Rd
Southgate, MI 48195

P.O. Box 7304
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

1389 Sterns Rd.
Temperance, Michigan 48182

P.O. Box 514
Lambertville, Michigan 48144

4507 Holland-Sylvania Rd
Toledo OH 43623

8333 Central Ave
Sylvania, OH 43560

3711 King Rd
Toledo OH 43617

710 Wilson St
Yakima, WA 98901

1415 N. Coliseum Blvd
Fort Wayne , IN 46804

915 Franklin St.
Tampa, FL 33602


Eric Shepler
Cave Creek, Arizona
Email: [email protected]

After growing up towards the Great Lakes Area we had always enjoyed our visits to relatives in Texas and Arizona. After some planning and relocation, we decided to start a Lawn Creations franchise in Cave Creek, AZ. It was a perfect area to start with since we already had family there.

The warmer climate has worked out great for landscape division and since yards are a little smaller on average we are able a lot more lawn treatments each month. Eventually, we hope to offer a pool cleaning service.

If we can offer you lawn or landscape services in the greater Cave Creek, AZ area please contact us today. We always give free estimates. Remember our solutions are 100% organic and safe for kids and pets.



Sydney Seretsky
Toronto, Canada – Spring of 2022
Phone: 419-705-9394

Sydney is a young entrepreneur that has several investments and businesses also in New York and Miami and she has a huge heart to help better her employees’ life and future along with offering them profit sharing in all her businesses.


Kolton Rodriguez
Falcon, Colorado
Email: [email protected]

My name is Kolton and our promise to our customers is superior service matched by no one in Colorado. We are proud of our brand and our company’s commitment to safer and healthier lawns and landscapes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions pertaining to all your lawn & landscape repair needs. We appreciate your business and will work hard to strive to make you property not only stand out but make it have way more curb appeal and raise your property value while using only the best products in the green industry. 


Amyr Rivera

My name is Amyr Rivera, I grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and I am a proud father of two wonderful girls. I am also a proud 23yr old veteran of the United States Army. The military has taught me several skills for building business. It allowed me to save up to fund my dream of entrepreneurship to become a business owner.

My goal is to own several businesses in my portfolio before I reach 30. I also plan expand into other states with Lawn Creations. I am working on my second Lawn Creations near Houston Texas. 

We use less chemicals and pesticides with our lawn repair programs. We also offer landscape repairs and maintenance services. 


Vanessa Ceja & Mary Esther
Phone: 509-985-7352

Lawn creations have helped our growing family change our lives and future along with the purchase of our home healthcare business, we now have two streams of income and after having our third child the lawn care business just seemed like the perfect fit! the first year after doing almost 370 mulch jobs alone we saw the light in the green industry and are not slowing down anytime soon.


George Olvera
Calhoun, Georgia
Email: [email protected]

I grew up around the landscaping and construction industries. We eventually decided that getting involved with Lawn Creations just made good sense. Our family didn’t realize how many people enjoy having more organic options around their household and family.

The fact that we were already in the dog breeding business for many years and seeing how organic lawn care could help protect the health of family pets was a no brainer and we knew we had to get involved with their vision of less chemicals = safer lawns.


Alex Waltz
Georgetown, Kentucky
Email: [email protected]

I grew up in Ohio. After high school my family moved down south and that’s where I got interested in working outside and started learning as much as I could about the green industry. My grandfather was a great inspiration growing up because he taught me and my dad so much about running a good business. He owned Waltz casket co. and was one of the largest casket business throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

When I started looking into an organic lawn care franchise with Lawn Creations I was shocked to find out that during our conversations with them that it was the same company that serviced a lot of my Grandpa Paul Waltz properties in the tri-state area. Lawn Creations was a great fit for my first business to franchise.

We offer lawn and landscape repair and maintenance in the greater Georgetown Kentucky region. If you would like a free estimate for what we can do for your home or business please contact us. We offer 100% organic solutions that is safe for kids and pets.


Monroe, Lousiana – Daniel Barboza


[email protected]

We are proud to welcome another army veteran to help with our mission of less chemicals = safer lawns in the wonderful city of monroe, lousiana ! daniel will bring lots knowledge and skills he learned serving our great GOD fearing nation and is a up and coming entreprenuer that has lived in Ohio and Florida and has worked for our company in the past which makes him a weapon of mass destruction in the organic lawn & landscape repair field .


Chris Dombkowski
Monroe, Michigan
Phone: 419-466-3687

My name is Chris and I grew up just south of Monroe Michigan along Lake Erie. I don’t have any kids yet so I thought it was the perfect time to start a lawn business. Its always been a dream of mine and I remember my dad and grandpa at a young age always saying “chances make champions!”

We offer lawn & landscape repair services in the Greater Monroe area of Michigan. If we can be of service to you in making your home or business beautiful please give us a call for a free estimate.


Chip Pfleghaar
Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti Michigan
Phone: 419-280-0709

My family was growing and we loved the fact of working with a company trying to make a difference for the future of our environment. We are in the medical industry and keeping people’s homes, kids, and pets safer with fewer chemicals is something that is important to us. We also like the fact that we have been able to focus on helping our customers with organic lawn programs along with fast landscape repairs.


Troy Myers
Traverse City Michigan –  Coming Soon
Email: [email protected]

After being an iron worker for years we are looking forward to staying on the ground more and are happy to purchase our property to start our Lawn Creations this year!


Eddie Robert Wayne Tucker
Great Falls, Montana
Email: [email protected]

After growing up in the family business I now have a family of my own to support so I started pursuing opportunities to build my own business and purchased a franchise location with Lawn Creations.

If you are in need of lawn and landscape repair that offers 100% organic solutions please reach out to us for a free estimate.

I am also working as the director of franchise sales and expansion out west so if I can be of any assistance with questions to help you get your own business please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime.

Email: [email protected]


Luke Harshman
Boulder City, Nevada
Email: [email protected]

I grew up in a family business called Harshman Painting that was started by my grandfather over 60 years ago. Our family business is going to strong to this day. I decided to start my own business and looked to Lawn Creations franchise program.

We offer lawn and landscape repair services and maintenance in the greater Boulder City, Nevada area. We offer 100% organic solutions that is safe for your kids and pets. If we can help you make your home or business stand out please reach out to us for a free estimate.


Eddie Tucker
Toledo, Ohio
Phone: 419-345-4556

This is where Lawn Creations began over 3o years ago! We started with a simple concept of offering quality lawn and landscaping services to our community. Over the years many things have changed including the increase in the popularity of organic solutions. We were one of the first to embrace this concept in Northwest, Ohio.

As the company grew we decided it was time to offer our message and way of doing business to the rest of the country. We started offering generous franchise opportunities around the U.S. If you need lawn or landscape repairs or maintenance and you aren’t located in Northwest Ohio please consider using one of our many franchisees around the country.

If you want to explore starting a new franchise in your area please give us a call today. We can help you build your own business and take a lot of the pain out starting a new business.


Eric Nierman
Forest Grove, Oregon
Email: [email protected]

My name is Eric and my wife, Mellisa and I went to our credit union and decided to take out a small loan to start our own business a couple of years ago. It was probably the best decision in our lives. I had worked in construction my whole life and it’s been truly a blessing working for ourselves and not making somebody else rich, now it’s much more rewarding knowing that we are building something to leave to our daughters when we retire someday. we still work long hours running a business but I wouldn’t change it for the world. we invested in ourselves and were glad we did it!


Brian Madrid
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]

After researching several lawn care franchises in the outdoor landscape development we settled on Lawn Creations franchising concept. It has allowed my family to offer lawn treatments, mulching and landscape design to our clients and has given us a competitive edge in our part of Pennsylvania.

If you are in need of lawn & landscape repair or maintenance in the greater Somerset Pennsylvania area please reach out to us for a free estimate. We offer 100% organic solutions that are safe for kids and pets.


Jon Tary
Shelbyville, Tennessee
Phone: 615-602-6920

I started working for Lawn Creations Landscape at 13yrs old after school and on the weekends. Luckily my parents lived near the King Rd location and it was easy to walk across the street and earn extra money because  the guys would let me help out around the shop in the early days. I loved working at at young age and was always eager to learn more and eventually the crew was like family. Eddie helped me with my 1st car because I was usually the 1st one at the shop every morning.

After completing high school my family decided to move to Florida where I followed in my father’s footsteps and worked hard to get my CDL license. This allowed me to start towing semis and I became an over the road semi driver.

After getting married to my wife & having children we then settled near her family in Tennessee and I was getting tired of being away from the family for week at a time over the road. After the loss of my wonderful father I was able to take some of our savings and become 1 of the first franchise owners of Lawn Creations.

I am happy to be back where it all started . Now at 32yrs old, my wife and I were able to buy a food truck that we call the Walking Taco. We are proud to be keeping busy and working for ourselves — GOD IS GOOD.


Ryan Blomberg
Fort Worth, Texas
Phone: 847-636-1262

I am Ryan Blomberg I am the owner/operator of Lawn Creations of Fort Worth Texas. Our team prides itself on the best quality, 100% organic lawn repair solutions. We value the health and wellness of our customers their family and beloved pets.

Our vision is simply to provide the best customer service with the most convenient and efficient solutions. We would love the opportunity for you to experience our company’s promise first hand.

Call us today a free consultation 847-636-1262


Ryan Blomberg
West Lake, Texas
Phone: 847-636-1262

Our team decided to finally purchase our 2nd location in the longhorn state! We recently moved forward and opened West Lake Texas & surrounding areas. We are very excited to see where the future takes us. We will continue to value the health and wellness of our great customers and their beloved pets. Our vision as always is to provide the best customer service with the most convenient and efficient solutions. We would love for you to experience our company’s promise first hand. Please call us today for assistance with your needs.

Lawn Creations Franchise

Lawn Creations is growing rapidly! If you are looking to start your own business consider joining our team and opening a Lawn Creations franchise. We are a Top 100 Home Services Franchise.

Lawn Creations Franchises

Starting a business can be hard without someone showing you the way. Lawn Creations offers that opportunity to our franchisees. We have been in business for over 40 years and learned how to become successful in the lawn and landscape industry. We can teach you everything you need to learn and how to avoid all the mistakes that come with starting a lawn and landscape business.

Hours of Operation


9:00 – 5:00


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P.O. Box 295
Sylvania, OH 43560